Thursday, March 27, 2008

Need inspiration!

I've failed lately on experimenting. You haven't seen my talk about deep frying a turkey, cause both were disappointing. Sure sure, they pulled pork a week ago was yummy, but since then, the best thing I've had has been Tracy's Scalloped potatoes on Easter Sunday. Mmmmm. The ham was good, but it was as expected and certainly not a challenge. Last night's experiment all sounded good, turned out not-great. I had onions, garlic, capers, broth, wine and more in a large glass dish, and had chicken drumsticks dipped in milk & egg and coated with a flour & rosemary potato chip batter. Baked it, it kinda looked good. Turned out? Boring. Messy and boring, those two together made for disappointment, and it was a LOT of work.

Some friends of ours cooked a beef tenderloin for dinner Saturday night, tasty tasty, and has me in the mood for more beef. I'm in the need to be inspired. Help me!

Look at my garden grow!

Wow! Just three weeks from the last pic/post, and I wish I had taken daily pictures! Just wow has this thing grown. We've picked basil more than once, dill and the cilantro is like a tree cause we made guacamole TWICE! It's already extended as tall as it will get, and I'm absolutely unsure of what to do with the mint. Tea anyone?

Friday, March 7, 2008

As seen on TV!

Happy birthday to me!!! Thanks Ma!

This is one of those things I never imagined I would buy for myself, but as a present? You bet! and now that I have one, I'm surprised I didn't get one earlier. Kinda like the high speed Internet, you didn't now how cool it was until ya did.

We got basil, parsley, dill, mint, purple basil, chives and cilantro! The basil sprouted in 3 days, THREE days! Can you believe it? All of it was up in a week, now we're on day 25 and I expect to pick off some basil leaves any day now.